A complete range of chimney lining services

It is common to find that old chimneys are in a poor condition and can leak fumes. Over time hot smoke, tars and acids eat into the chimney walls and erode mortar joints, causing leakage of dangerous fumes into the property. Large and uneven flues can also create poor up draught causing smoke to blow back into the room.

To ensure the flue is completely sound and to comply with building regulations it’s generally best practice to line it. The liner creates a direct and consistent channel between the wood burner and the top of the chimney. Any soot or tar that is created is much more likely to fall back into the burner to be re-burnt. Stoves work best with a constant flue diameter as close to that specified by the stove manufacture.

There are other methods of lining your chimney other than to fit a chimney liner but to fit a chimney liner is by far the cheapest and most common. If you would like a free quote get in touch.


There’s a lot of chimney liner on the market and it can vary in quality. We either use “Midtherm” or “Dura flue”. Both have good reputations.