Wood Burning Boiler Stoves

Boiler stoves enable you to supply yourself with domestic hot water and even run your radiators. They can also look great and still form and beautiful focal point to any room. If you want a boiler stove installed just get in touch.

How We Work

An installation of a boiler stove usually takes between three and five days depending on the complexity of the plumbing and your current heating system.

Boiler stove installations can be complex and require a bit of planning. If you are thinking of getting one and require some advice just get in touch.

Hetas and Gas Safe

We’re HETAS and Gas Safe registered for “Wet Appliances”. We have over 15 years of experience with a wide range central heating and plumbing projects. If you’re thinking about having a boiler stove installed we recommend contacting us in the early stages of your project.

Boiler Stove Maintenance

Boiler stoves require slightly more maintenance and recommend having the system serviced once a year. The flue will also need to be swept annually; this increases to once every six months if you use the stove regularly and if you predominantly burn coal rather than wood. If you’d like your boiler serviced and chimney swept give us a call and we’ll arrange it for you.